Pregnancy Complications by Drinking Your Water

There are certain things that you just don’t do when you are pregnant if you want a healthy baby; smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, do illegal drugs, drink beverages with caffeine, and a host of others.

Did you know that drinking the water in your home might need to be avoided as well?

A study led by a researcher at the Boston University School of Public Health found women had been drinking in their homes that was contaminated by the water pipes.  These pipe where made with tetrachloroethylene (PCE) products which contaminated the water in their house.

More than 2000 women

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CamelBak Relay Water Filter

I just read a “review” (you can read it here) about the CamelBak Relay™.  It’s a water picture that apparently filters water as fast as your faucet can fill it up and then filters it again as you are pouring it.  The reviewer compares it to the Brita water filter, saying that it is better because it’s faster and doesn’t leave bits of charcoal behind.  All this could be true as I have neither brand of water filter.

The reason I am writing about this is because of what he says at the end of the article.  He

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Cryptosporidium – It Can Make You Sick.

Cryptosporidium, aka Crypto. Have you heard of it?

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “Crypto is a germ that causes diarrhea…[and] one of the leading causes of …germs spread through water in the places we swim…”

Are you kidding me? One more thing to add to contaminated water and the safety of human health? This virus can even affect our drinking water not just our rivers, springs, swimming pools, etc. Any water!

So how, or what, causes a person to become sick with Cryptosporidium? As I already mentioned, it causes diarrhea; however, it must first come

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Contaminating Our Water and Our Food With Sea Water From Japan

Are We Eating Radioactive Food?

It has been three years since the crisis at Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant in Japan.  There are growing concerns that they will not be able to contain rising amount of contaminated water to keep it from entering the ocean.  There are already concerns about the water quality around the area from back when the event happened.

Can you imagine what would happen if all that radioactive water found its way into the ocean?  China, Japan, and other countries fish in those waters.  We get a lot of our food from those countries.  Are

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Bring a Water Purifier With You When You Travel

A Shamrock Motel in Camden Delaware was found to have E. coli in their water.  According to a story on WBOC 16 News, the motel is part of a State voucher program for the homeless. Other motels are also part of the voucher program.

It is not known what prompted the water test but guests staying in the motel received a letter telling them that they need to boil their water because E. coli was found in the water on September 8th.

Editor’s Comments –

Another reason to bring a water purifier with you to filter your water when

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Contaminated Water in Windham CT School – Again!

Two weeks after the E. coli bacteria was found in the water at the Windham school, which caused the school to close for several days,  another test came back positive for coliform bacteria. School officials have once again setup hand washing stations and are bringing in bottled water.

The school uses well water that is pumped into a storage tank.  Coliform bacteria are known indicator organisms because they signify the potential presence of other, more harmful bacteria.  In other words, they are a “pathway” for contamination.

Editor’s Note:

Often we feel safe because we have well water for

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Boil Order for Flint Michigan Neighborhoods

Flint Michigan city officials announced today that several neighborhoods would need to boil their water because coliform bacteria was found in the water.

You can read up on what coloform bacteria are here at the EPA website.

The neighborhood that are affected are:

City officials made the following statement:

“This boil notice is limited to the area bordered by Dayton Street (north), DuPont Street (east) Flint River (south), and LaVelle Road to Flint River (west). The current boil water notice is being expanded to the north. This boil water notice is being expanded to the area bordered by Stewart Ave.

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Does anyone besides me remember growing up on or near water? Swimming? Waterskiing? Sailing? Rafting? Fishing? Surfing? Snorkeling? Diving? Just soaking your sore feet in freezing-cold spring water after a hot dusty hike or wiggling your toes in the outgoing surf after greeting a wave??

There is nothing more soothing than a stream burbling nearby as you fall asleep – unless it’s the sound of ocean waves relentlessly crashing in on the shore and seagulls cawing. I feel my stress level recede just thinking of it. My family have spent many a wonderful weekend or vacation camping by a river

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What’s The Water Quality In Your Humidifier?

Should You Put Filtered Water In Your Humidifier?

We drink filtered water.  We put water filters in our showers.  Have you ever thought about putting filtered water in your humidifier?

A research project by Amanda Sain and Andrea Dietrich suggests that the water we put into our humidifiers can be unhealthy.

Why don’t we think about these kinds of things as we are doing them?  I remember buying a humidifier for our house when we lived in Arkansas.  During the winter, when the heater is on, it makes the air dry.  The kids were getting nose bleeds, everyone was being

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Are You Afraid To Drink The Water?

My wife (Debbie) has wonderful memories visiting her grandparents in southern Georgia when she was growing up. One of her fondest memories is when her granddad would ask her if she wanted to go get a drink of creek water.  That meant walking the old dirt road with him and his shotgun.  When they arrived, he’d reach inside an old tree stump and pull out old ceramic coffee cup, dip it into the creek and hand it too her.  She remembers it being ice cold and tasting sooooo good!

You may have similar memories. Unfortunately, that is all they are

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